A GSA Approved Federal Government Contractor

Adept Services, Inc., is a specialized services corporation offering services to state and federal governments, public and small business and expanding to the consumer sectors. Our Central Office Operations are located near Nashville, Tennessee, which is centrally located within the United States. We have both employees and contractors located throughout the United States. The company’s primary interests are providing services to both state and federal governments, public and small business, and general consumers. For federal government services under our General Services Administration’s contract, click here.

We are expanding our operations to provide consumer public information, disaster preparation, strategic plans for disaster preparation, active shooter responses, and being secure in your home, business, or public area. As we build our network, employees, subcontractors, and the public at large, we will expand information on our web site. If you see a link to a product offered by one of our partners, simply click on that link to view the services or products offered.