Federal Government Services

Adept Services, Inc. is an approved federal government contractor through the General Services Administration.  We offer services under Special Item Number 595-25, EEO Services, including a few of these services:


  • Investigation of Discrimination Complaints
  • Preparation of Reports of Investigation
  • Final Agency Decisions
  • EEO Counseling
  • Alternative Dispute Resolution

Our rapid growth within EEO services has been the result of providing high quality products at competitive prices, with unmatched customer service.  We have built strong relationships with our government EEO clients such as Department of Justice, Justice Management Division, Department of Homeland Security, Federal Emergency Management Agency, Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, Department of Agriculture, United States Marshals Service, Drug Enforcement Administration, Federal Bureau of Investigation and others. Adept Services employs only fully trained, experienced and mature counselors, investigators and mediators. Many of our employees and contractors have extensive EEO training and experience, from the federal sector.  We are committed to providing unbiased, thorough and discreet EEO services to the federal government. We have demonstrated our capabilities to numerous federal agencies by providing a full range of services.

We also offer an online database of your case files and a searchable electronic version of the entire Report of Investigation.  Presently, many of clients have improve their time lines of conducting their investigations and issuing the final agency decision by using their access to our online database.

For our Federal Clients, to see our GSA Cataolgs, please visit www.gsaadvantage.gov

Contract Number GS-02F-0011N.